With Mary

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Search Part 8: The Smartass Gene

"We're a MATCH! I knew it all along!" -BD 

It's All Making Sense Now

...My husband said as soon as he saw this image and read the hilarious email that went along with it! The ability to sling witty one-liners around in verbal pie fights was a skill I thought was all my own...until I met birthdad! Who knew that smartassness was a heritable trait? From day one, reading his emails would leave me rolling on the floor, shaking my head in disbelief, "Did he really just say that?" Birthdad's humor is unbridled, totally irreverent, and smart. Nothing is off limits.  In another life, I hope he comes back as a writer for SNL! I'm over-the-moon proud to have inherited this trait.

Must You Take it Eleven?

While I am not nearly as funny as b-dad, we do share the same type of wit, joking about topics others may avoid and often taking the joke or teasing a bit too far. My adopted dad, who is fun-loving, but not necessarily funny, used to say, "Hey, Kel, open mouth- insert foot!" Another warning, "That big mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble one day!" My smartassary goal in jaggin' around with my adopted dad was to get him to finally say, "Kiss my ass, Kel!" Then, I knew I'd "won." Bless him.

The Other 23 Chromosomes

Who knew that the other side of my genetic code could hold such fun surprises? So what else did I discover? Music: We have the SAME MUSIC COLLECTION! What a thrill to bond over our favorite artists from the seventies! Religion: We share similar thoughts on religion and spirituality- questioning, tolerant, open-minded. Travel: Everything from exotic destinations to the quintessential "Sunday drive," we love to explore. Food: Great food with excellent cocktails and good company is all a person needs. We are two of the slowest easters I've seen and b-dad is even slower than me! Interesting similarities continue to emerge as we keep up with our weekly chats and emails.

The Challenge of Humor

Trying to describe Bubba D's personality and humor was really challenging. Humor is subjective and heavily based on timing, which may be why I found it so difficult to describe. BUT, I'll leave you now with a tiny sample of his wit. The other day I texted that he'll have to participate in this blog to tell his side of the story. We lovingly call my arrival the "Oh, shit," moment. His text back simply stated:

Oh shit. Oh wonderful. No shit.